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What is the Bulldog Coalition?

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The Bulldog Coalition is the student organization that promotes student participation in all things MAROON. The mission is simple: to help students grow the Bulldog family by promoting awareness and support of events sponsored by Mississippi State University Athletics, the MSU Student Association, the MSU Alumni Association, the Bulldog Club and other MSU Student Organizations.

Students earn Bulldog Coalition points by attending events and having their Student ID card swiped upon arrival. Prizes are awarded to students who reach milestone point levels. Prizes can range from a Bulldog Coalition t-shirt or MSU apparel, to a chrome cowbell or a ticket to an end-of-the-year celebration dinner with MSU coaches, Administrators and members of the MSU Athletic Department.

Awarded each year, the grand prizes go to the three Bulldog Coalition members who earn the most points during the year.

Bulldog Coalition points rollover to activate an alumni membership in the Bulldog Club upon graduation. The Bulldog Club not only helps grow the Bulldog family through private donations, but determines priority in season ticket sales and parking passes for alumni.

How can I become a member?

Every student who attends Mississippi State University can be a member of the Bulldog Coalition, but you must first activate your membership to start tracking your points. Activation is free. There are two ways to activate your membership to the Bulldog Coalition:

  • Attend an Bulldog Coalition event and have your student ID card swiped, click “agree.”
  • Go to the sign up page and enter your NetID and NetPassword to activate online.

You will receive an email after you activate your membership with other details about the program.

Why Join The Bulldog Coalition?

  • Earn Bulldog Club Points
  • Win Valuable Prizes
  • Grow the Bulldog Family

Bulldog Club Points

Members will earn one point toward their lifetime giving in the Bulldog Club for every 25 points earned as a member of the Bulldog Coalition.

  • These Bulldog Club points are used to rank priority members of the Bulldog Club and benefit many things such as seating for alumni at athletic events and future bowl games.

Prize Levels and Awards

Prizes are awarded when a specified number of events are attended


  10 Points – Bulldog Coalition Decal
  25 Points – Bulldog Coalition Koozie
  50 Points - Bulldog Coalition T-Shirt
  75 Points - MSU Drawstring Backpack
100 Points – MSU Apparel Courtesy of the MSU Alumni Association
150 Points - Limited Edition Mississippi State Homecoming Print
200 Points - MSU Duffle Bag
350 Points – MSU Adidas Pullover
500 Point Club – Custom Engraved Chrome Cowbell

**Prizes Subject to Change** Lifetime points are points that are earned throughout your entire tenure as a student at MSU. These points will rollover each academic school year.


Grand Prize — Lunch with MSU Athletic Director Scott Stricklin and a Head Coach
Second place — Pre-Game Sideline Pass for Football Game or Throw out First Pitch at a Baseball Game
Third place — $100 Barnes and Noble Gift Card & 2 General Admission Tickets to Music Maker Event of your choice

Yearly Grand Prizes will be awarded in May of each year to the three students who have earned the point during that academic year.

**All Prizes can be claimed in the MSU Athletic Marketing Office located in the Humphrey Coliseum Ticket Office. Prizes can be claimed from 10-11:00 A.M. or 1-2 P.M. on Fridays.** MSU Athletic Marketing will have final say in the awarding of all prizes.

Student Organization Requirements

Student Organizations may apply for to make their events Bulldog Coalition events to encourage student participation.

  • These requests must be submitted at least three weeks prior to event date
  • Hosting Organization must provide detailed event description
  • Event must be a registered Organization event through the Dean of Student’s Office
  • Bulldog Coalition events should be open and free to students. Some events can have a small fee and exceptions can be made for major programming events (ie. concerts, 5K run/walks, pageants, etc.)
  • Fund-raising events to benefit student organizations are not allowed but events to support charitable 501C3 organizations (ie. United Way, scholarship funds, etc.) can receive Bulldog Coalition status.
  • Programs can be educational, community service-orientated, or entertainment focused.
  • Hosting organization must be a registered and active Difference of One member

Organizations will be notified within one week of submission if the event was approved or not. Each organization will be required to check-out a Bulldog Coalition scanner for approved events and will be responsible for scanning the Student ID Cards at the event.

Go to the event requests page to apply.